Welcome to The Spreadsheet Alchemist!

Very, VERY recently I completely rebranded this site – formerly known as Darling Little Spreadsheets – and I’m in the middle of tying up lots of loose ends. I promise to update this about page just as soon as I have a moment to breathe, but in the interim, you can learn more about me below. If you are curious about my initial spreadsheet blogging motivations and what Darling Little Spreadsheets was all about, you can do so here.

Stay tuned for a more extensive update in the very near term!

My life in a few bullets

I dig lists (can’t you tell?!), so rather than add more paragraphs to this already long page, I figured I’d share with you 20 facts about me. Sound good?

  1. I turned 41 this summer.
  2. I got married to Troy Smith, my fourth grade crush, in 2014. Sadly, things didn’t work out. Our divorce will be finalized mid-October 2017. We remain very close friends.
  3. I currently have four freakin’ websites/blogs, all of which I created myself (using pre-made themes). My other three sites are Figs & Chèvre (food blog), Kristi Amdahl (personal blog and future author site!), and The Awakened Heart Project (my passion project – it’s still in the works).
  4. I have a 15 year-old daughter. How did that happen?!
  5. I dropped out of college four times before I finally finished in my 30s…and with highest honors.
  6. I studied applied economics in graduate school…and never completed my thesis (gotta love rebellious non-conformity!).
  7. I got a D in the last high school math class I took. I got As in grad school-level math. Wtf?!
  8. I have two pups – a catahoula leopard named Sirius, and a cute white mutt named Lucy. As in Lucille Ball. She’s earned that name (as well as Houdini), if you ask me. They now live with Troy, but he’s awesome about bringing them by for weekly visitations. ?
  9. I was the Governor of Montana’s expert natural resources and investments revenue analyst until I moved to the Chicago area in 2013.
  10. I have hopped freight trains in the Pacific Northwest. With a dog.
  11. I got arrested for a coordinated act of civil disobedience at a popular senator and presidential primary candidate’s office (2000).
  12. I am a recovering vegan.
  13. I am a recovering protester.
  14. really miss Montana – my home for nearly 12 years, despite the fact that it can snow there every month of the year.
  15. I know how to prepare exceptionally badass Indian food.
  16. I completed a yoga teacher training after 17+ years of self-study.
  17. I meditate daily – it’s the most important and amazing part of my morning!
  18. I have had some paranormal experiences during my meditations. Like, mind-blowing shit, folks.
  19. I sleep on a (quality Japanese) futon mattress on the floor because there is just something about it that speaks to me.
  20. My favorite beverages are espresso and vino. In fact, I’m imbibing in the latter as I type up this list.


My life in a few pictures