Kristi is such an ambitious and helpful person. These budgeting spreadsheets were much needed tools in my fitness blogging business -not only because I am not a huge fan of sheets, numbers and formulas – but because she did an excellent job to make it as simple and as beautiful as possible. As bloggers, we must definitely invest in our businesses, but it is so easy to lose sight of our expenses.

I don’t know about you, but most budgeting spreadsheets out there are just plain and boring, and they don’t encourage you to even open them! I expressed my thoughts on this to Kristi, and she got to work and created this amazing project of The Spreadsheet Alchemist to help people like you and me get their budgeting under control and change the way we look at Excel. This spreadsheet can be used in any project and is already set with all you need – including an instructional video – to get you up and running in only few minutes.

Sofia Habity – Fitness Blogger, Coach Sofia Fitness