Hello Darling!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand Google AdSense or flashy banner ads, sponsored posts, and spammy affiliate linking. In fact, I have unsubscribed from otherwise great blogs over excessive advertising. Yup, it really does make my skin crawl! That being said, I am not the slightest bit opposed to blogging for a living (duh!), and clearly the funds have to come from somewhere. Blogging is an expensive (and time consuming) hobby, after all!

Anyway, here is Darling Little Spreadsheets’ monetization policy, which is subject to change. [Note that any changes to said policy will be notated below]:

  1. Affiliate linking will be employed, provided that:
    1. It complements this site’s content;
    2. It is neither spammy nor excessive;
    3. It makes sense. In other words, I would have linked to the item even in absence of an affiliate program.
  2. In general, sponsored posts will not be allowed. An exception may occur if there is zero expectation of product promotion (e.g. “This post about how to create a budgeting workbook has been brought to you today by WordPress Host X.”), and said sponsorship will be fully exposed.
  3. In general, external ads will not be allowed. An exception may occur if I want to share an image of an affiliate’s product (typically in a specific post).
  4. Given the nature of Darling Little Spreadsheets, there will be times when it makes sense to review and promote products and services. In the event that I receive a donated product or service, it will be 100% at my own discretion whether or not I choose to review said product or service. Reviews will be solely based on my own experience and will not be influenced by any outside entities. I have a firm policy in place that precludes me from accepting any compensation in exchange for a review. Earning my readers’ trust is of paramount importance to me, and I never want anyone to question whether my opinions are truly my own.
  5. I will promote my own products and services, and some of those products will include affiliate links if they are relevant to the product itself. I will NEVER employ affiliate linking to any product or service I either don’t or wouldn’t personally use. My integrity is important!

If you have questions about this policy or would like to donate products or services that are relevant to the mission of Darling Little Spreadsheets, please contact me here. Thanks!