Join Spreadsheet Goddesses Facebook Group!

Are you interested in joining a community of fempreneur spreadsheet users? 

You are? Well, then, I’ve got just the Facebook group for you!

Spreadsheet Goddesses is a space for fempreneur bloggers to lend support, help each other troubleshoot, and offer feedback on all spreadsheet-related topics. And yes, if you are a dude or don’t blog, you are welcome to join. Just don’t hassle me for referring to y’all as “lovelies” or “goddesses”, because it’s gonna happen 😉

If you would like to join this group, first sign up to get access to all of my FREE spreadsheets and downloads using any opt-in form on this site (*Psst – I’d suggest snagging this starter kit: From Spreadsheet Virgin to Goddess in 30 Minutes). Then, request to join Spreadsheet Goddesses. If you opted in using a different email than that which you use to log into Facebook, just drop me a line and help me connect the dots. Thanks!

Community Expectations – Please Read!

This community is intended to be an awesome resource for fempreneur bloggers who use (or want to use) spreadsheets – it is not a group for self-promotion. Any member who violates any of the following guidelines will have her post deleted and/or get banned without notice. Why? Because spammy groups suck.

  1. No videos – live or otherwise – by anyone other than Admin
  2. No grossly off-topic content
  3. No posting links to your website/freebie/product/service/course/etc. unless doing so directly answers another poster’s question
  4. No posting links to other Facebook groups EVER
  5. No sharing emails within threads – please use messaging for that
  6. No disrespecting, hating, or being a bitch
  7. No like-for-like, follow-for-follow, etc.
  8. No affiliate links

Are we cool? Sweet!

Aren’t sure if your post violates any of these rules? Ask!

Found a post that violates any of these rules or just downright feels icky? Report it to Admin!