Diaster struck! What's your blog's Plan B? Plus, free spreadsheet downloadMy friends, every catastrophe beknownst to us bloggers and fempreneurs can be fixed with a spreadsheet.

Okay, so maybe not every catastrophe…

But, organizing our Plan Bs in a spreadsheet or two can make it a helluva lot less painful to deal with disaster when it strikes.

Seriously, there really is a spreadsheet solution for everything! *insert bemused emoji*

What’s your Plan B?

Prior to a few days ago, I didn’t have a Plan B.

Because things always work as they should. Right?!

  • Mail Chimp is never going to not deliver your emails.
  • Pinterest is never going to treat your account as spam.
  • Bluehost is never going to slow down your site and then blame it on some random, unrelated entity.
  • The Essential Grid plugin is never going to stop linking to your shop.
  • You will never come face to face with the “white screen of death” – you know, when your website, like, completely disappears.
  • Oh, and your website will never get hacked.

Are you laughing yet?!

So, what are you going to do if one of these “nevers” actually happens to you?

Are you going to freak out, or are you going to implement Plan B?

Friends, this is a no-brainer.

Put your Plan B into a spreadsheet.

Plan B is – simply put – your life raft if and when the unthinkable happens. You need to salvage something blog-related, and you need to salvage it quickly.

Or, maybe you just are fed up with the “little” things that keep adding up until *poof!* the proverbial camel’s back breaks. You want to know what your best alternative is before you actually need to know what it is.

In this context, we prepare for Plan B by identifying which services we’ll switch to immediately when something goes amiss. And, we are able to do this because we’ve proactively anticipated things. We do not wait until we’re in the OMG-I’M-FREAKING-OUT-BECAUSE-MY-SITE-GOT-HACKED mode. Just, no.

I’m not going to hold your hand in this post by including fancy instructions or screenshots, because there is really nothing fancy about these spreadsheets.

*Psst – if you are a total newb, it would behoove you to download my free From Spreadsheet Virgin to Goddess in 30 Minutes before creating your Plan B spreadsheet.

First, create a new workbook. Then,

  1. Add these headers to A1, B1, etc.:
    • Plan A
    • Plan A URL
    • Plan B
    • Plan B URL
    • Plan B Upfront Cost
    • Plan B Recurring Cost
    • Plan B Billing Cycle
    • Considerations
  2. Fill out your spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is intended to house the pertinent information you will need to quickly secure another plugin or service, should the unexpected strike. I designed this with the cost-savvy blogger in mind – see below for more detail – but, definitely change things up if it makes sense for your situation:

  1. ‘Plan A’ and ‘Plan A URL’: list your current service/plugin/etc.
  2. ‘Plan B’ and ‘Plan B URL’: list the service/plugin/etc. you will begin using, should catastrophe strike.
  3. ‘Plan B Upfront Cost’: list the cost you will have to pay when you secure Plan B.
  4. ‘Plan B Recurring Cost’: list the ongoing expense you will incur by switching over to Plan B.
  5. ‘Plan B Billing Cycle’: list the frequency you will have to pay this ongoing expense.
  6. ‘Considerations’: list anything you will need to keep in mind when making the decision to switch to Plan B (e.g. will there be any downtime?).

IMPORTANT: Put some thought into these! Review what you will need to do to implement them, etc., so that if disaster strikes, you don’t suddenly discover that your Plan B isn’t doable. That, my friends, defeats the whole purpose in creating a Plan B.

THINK: If you have to switch website hosts, like, right now, where will you go? What’s the process? How will you pay for it if finances are tight?

Now, save your workbook somewhere, update it as needed, and pull it out when your website is stupid slow and Bluehost (unwarrentedly) plays the blame game. Or Mail Chimp suspends your account. Or your domain renewal statement tells you it’s going to cost you $48 to renew your domain.

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Although I can’t answer those questions for you, I did compile a nifty pdf download for you of some options. And, in case you want to download my own exact Plan B spreadsheets, just click here (no email required).

Has disaster ever struck your blogging activities? How did you deal with it? Did you have a Plan B? Do you have any advice for the rest of us bloggers who are optimistic that it will never happen to us? Please share your comments below!

This post – creating a Plan B spreadsheet – was inspired by my friend and fellow blogger, Sofia Habity (Coach Sofia Fitness). Thanks, Sofia!

What's your Plan B if blogging disaster strikes? Check out this post, and download the exact Plan B spreadsheet I use. Plus, download DLS-approved alternative service providers.
What's your Plan B if blogging disaster strikes? Check out this post, and download the exact Plan B spreadsheet I use. Plus, download DLS-approved alternative service providers.