I debated whether or not to include a disclaimer page. I hemmed and hawed over it. And ultimately, I decided to include it.

Here’s why, by means of an example:

Undoubtedly you’ve taken plenty of math classes throughout your schooling years. Remember the time that your algebra or calculus teacher made a simple arithmetic mistake – perhaps he wrote on the chalkboard 4+4=6? And do you recall how gleefully one of your classmates (or you!) pointed out said error? Bemused, you asked yourself “How in the world is it that my math teacher can’t add?!”

Your math teacher is good at math and presumably knows a shit ton more about it than you. But he’s human and makes random, stupid mistakes. When it comes to Excel (and math), so do I. Normally I catch said random, stupid coding mistakes before I package up my spreadsheets and offer them up to you. But not always. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to pull off what may seem to be relatively simple Excel calculations, and the possibility for errors to slip through the cracks is enormous. I do my best to test my workbooks out using real-life data in advance so that I can readily catch any glaring errors. But the process is not entirely fool-proof.

In a nutshell, please use common sense when evaluating the calculations in any product – free or paid or those you recreate using my tutorials – and know that if something doesn’t seem quite right, it probably isn’t. Do NOT make any major decisions based on any of the above-mentioned calculations without verifying that they are, in fact, correct. Kristi Smith and Darling Little Spreadsheets make no claims to the absolute accuracy of anything found here, and won’t be held liable should your fail to heed this warning.

That sounds pretty lame, right?

It’s kind of like the math teacher example, though. If you were going to stake your life on the accuracy of your math teacher’s exam answer key, he’d tell you that you were being dumber than shit. Same here.

PLEASE, if you catch even the slightest error anywhere in anything – my instructions, templates, etc. – LET ME KNOW. It’s not dumb and I really want to be informed. The tiny details are important. Plus, I take great pride in my work and can’t stand sloppiness.

And finally, if I find any errors of significance, I will notify you via the channel that makes the most sense. This may be via direct email or a simple mention at the end of the relevant blog post.

Thank you!