How Discovering My Archetype Transformed My Blog + Biz. The Spreadsheet Alchemist emerges...farewell, Darling Little Spreadsheets.Welcome back, my friends!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably noticed that Darling Little Spreadsheets has undergone a *slight* transformation as of late.


No more feminine stock photos, ultra-prettiness, business icons, or naked lady paintings. No more Darling Little Spreadsheets.

And, I believe that it’s my moral imperative to share with you what freakin’ happened.

That’s because even if you couldn’t care less about why I completely transformed both the name and branding of my site, the (free) resource which inspired it may offer you some mind-blowing insights about who you are and whether your biz is in alignment with that person.

This is not your typical branding exercise offered up by the blogging guru du jour. Quite the contrary!

Ever hear of archetypes?

Cerries Mooney ( has, and she’s developed an incredible resource around it for solopreneurs that I think is seriously going to blow your mind.

Simply put, you take a relatively short quiz and discover what your primary archetype is. You’ll then receive an email with some seriously insightful information about your archetype and…who you are.

This test isn’t about giving you another box to fit into. It’s the permission you’ve been waiting for to embrace your strengths, challenges, and natural gifts for success. You’ll learn how (and why) YOU do business best. You’ll come away with a clearer understanding on who – and how – you are most naturally able to serve in the world. Most importantly, you’ll have a whole new perspective on how to create a business that FEELS GOOD to you.  -Cerries Mooney

I learned that I’m an alchemist.

Of course, the email I received included a very un-salesy (yay!) pitch to buy The Archetypal Business Initiation Kit (it’s a pay-what-you-can offering), which I highly recommend. This kit has a lengthier quiz that identifies your secondary archetype and contains activities that are geared to align your brand with who you are.

One of the steps is to create a “blend board” which is sort of like a brand mood board. Check out her gallery of blend boards if you want some serious inspiration.

Anyway, here’s the blend board I created (note that my secondary archetype is creator):

archetypal blend board
All images in this blend board were sourced from Pinterest and none belong to me. To view a particular image’s details, please locate it in my source board by clicking the image. If you are the owner of any of these images and would like proper attribution or for me to remove your image altogether, please contact me and I will quickly oblige. Thank you.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this definitely doesn’t include a single styled desktop. And, it definitely doesn’t look anything like Darling Little Spreadsheets did.

So I pondered what to do.

Isn’t everything supposed to be about our niche? My readers – YOU – seemed to really dig what I had going on with Darling Little Spreadsheets based on your feedback. What would you think if I completely changed things up?

Ultimately, I decided – with the help both of my awesome friend and blogging strategist Cristy Cates and my favorite Tony Robbins inspirational video about resolving inner conflicts – to run with it. I needed to feel that what I was doing was in alignment with who I am.

All of the courses I bought and resources I stumbled upon in the blogging world that many of us are a part of that told me how to hustle and do things in a prescribed manner – “heart-centered hustling” – left me feeling un-right and mentally blocked.

These ways of doing things weren’t me…pitching my subscribers left and right like they were bundles of money just waiting for an excuse to spend it on my offerings. Yuck.

Focusing on the outcome and working 14+ hour days…for the better part of a year while ignoring my family, wellness, and spiritual growth…but spinning my wheels the entire time because I knew it wasn’t right for me…

The list goes on.

And so I decided to ditch those strategies – most of which I hadn’t even applied but “knew” I needed to implement – and to instead do things my way.

Guess what? I discovered that doing the same thing I was already doing but doing so with a different energy and aesthetic was actually true to me; that focusing on enjoying (and surrendering to) the process in terms of both creating and marketing was all I really needed to do…almost.

I thought that I’d have to delete blog posts or change my voice or something.

But I was wrong.

What you see today is the result of all of this. It only took a couple of weeks from its conception to achieve (including redoing all of my posts images!, redesigning the site, perusing Creative Market, etc.).

I hope that you dig it.

Now, here’s the almost part…

I have a story to tell you in the very near future about something that happened 20 years ago that completely transformed my life.

I’m a little scared to share it here on this site because it’s going to leave me extremely vulnerable and raw.

But, it’s my truth and it’s shaping one big change that is coming down the pipeline in terms of additional new content.

*Breathe, Kristi…*

That story involves a decade of depression that culminated in a nearly successful suicide attempt, which left me in the ICU for days.

It involves a sudden and inexplicable paradigm shift in consciousness that radically changed the trajectory of my life.

It involves dropping out of college to *intentionally* become homeless in 1999 and live in absolute alignment with my values while doing what I could to promote social change for the benefit of mankind.

It involves an unintended pregnancy during the transition from homelessness to bare survival. And a helluva lot of surrendering to life and its punches.

It involves struggles that single moms face, a painful child custody battle, and massive amounts of personal discovery and growth.

For 20 years, I’ve known that I needed to translate the experience and subsequent experiences I’ve had into something that had the power to help others.

Once the entrepreneurial bug hit, I sought a way to do so because I knew that I wanted – no, needed – to center my biz on what mattered most to me.

And that’s what everyone tells you not to do.

Because, according to them, businesses fail when people let their true passions run the show. Why? They say it’s because you need to identify pain points and offer solutions, and not just package up whatever it is that you dig in life and hope that people will want to buy it.

Anyway, I was feeling seriously lost before I found Cerries’ site.

Rebranding made a huge difference, but blogging about spreadsheets has nothing to do with what matters most to me.

And, it will only be a matter of time until I get bored and feel unfulfilled.

But, the cool part about the way I rebranded this time is that it opened the door for me to add a blogging category that embodies my passions in a way that I never could have conceived on my own.

That category, my friends, is Life Alchemy.

First and foremost, this blog is about spreadsheets.

But, just as many fempreneurs blog about their primary topic while monetizing based on another (often on how to blog, lol), I’ll sort of be doing the same.

So, stay tuned for those posts if they are of interest to you.

And, if they aren’t, no worries. I’m gearing up to produce more spreadsheet-based content now that the rebrand is done.

Oh, and speaking of spreadsheets…I just released six new premium spreadsheets!

I’ll be blogging about the specifics in another post, but here’s a heads-up on what’s new:

And, in addition to the premium spreadsheets, I’ve reworked my service offering. Spreadsheet Alchemy is where I take your chaotic mess of spreadsheets and transform them into spreadsheets that sparkle. If you are interested in custom spreadsheet services, please check out this offering!

That’s all for this post. I have many more things in the pipeline that are nearing completion, which will be unveiled very soon.

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to know your thoughts either on this post or if you know your own archetype or archetypal blend – and, if you do – how it’s affected your biz and branding. Thanks for sharing! ♥