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Hey there!

I’m Kristi, aka The Spreadsheet Alchemist

I absolutely LOVE spreadsheets, which is great because as an economist by education and data analyst by profession, I spend my days buried in them.

I develop profit & loss spreadsheets, blog about related topics, and post tutorials to help readers up their Excel or Google Sheets game.


It's not about spreadsheets - it's about solving a problem and making a task (or life) more manageable. Spreadsheets are just the vehicle.

How can I help you?

Done-for-You Templates

Do you need a profit & loss spreadsheet template? I’ve got you covered.

Tutorials & Posts

Find answers & up your game with these tutorials, posts, & free spreadsheets.

Budgeting TSA-Style

Borrow what’s worked from my late-blooming (& lazy) budgeting approach.

For entrepreneurs

Need a Profit & Loss Statement?

Start tracking your small business or blog’s income and expenses with The Spreadsheet Alchemist’s Profit & Loss Tracker!

Praise from clients & customers

  • Kristi is such an ambitious and helpful person. These budgeting spreadsheets were much needed tools in my fitness blogging business -not only because I am not a huge fan of sheets, numbers and formulas – but because she did an excellent job to make it as simple and as beautiful as possible. As bloggers, we must definitely invest in our businesses, but it is so easy to lose sight of our expenses.

    I don’t know about you, but most budgeting spreadsheets out there are just plain and boring, and they don’t encourage you to even open them! I expressed my thoughts on this to Kristi, and she got to work and created this amazing project of The Spreadsheet Alchemist to help people like you and me get their budgeting under control and change the way we look at Excel. This spreadsheet can be used in any project and is already set with all you need – including an instructional video – to get you up and running in only few minutes.

    Sofia Habity – Fitness Blogger, Coach Sofia Fitness

    These budgeting spreadsheets were a much-needed tool in my fitness business.
  • The Biz & Blog Budgeting Manager is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool to handle your budget like a pro! Not only can you keep track of all your sources of income and expenses, but you can also see how your finances are evolving throughout the year. It will help you manage your funds wisely – and trust me, that’s something I really needed help with! You will be able to increase your revenue if you pay attention to those sources of income that bring in the most money and you optimize them. Investing in your business is a must, but you can avoid going over your budget by keeping track of what you spend with the Biz & Blog Budgeting Manager!

    Lucia Garcia Alvarez – Digital Artist, Painting Dreamscapes

    An easy-to-use yet powerful tool to handle your budget like a pro!
  • Darling Little Spreadsheets and the Biz & Blog Budgeting Manager are AWESOME!!! Its website/blog page format is stunning – it’s both pretty and professional. As for the BBBM itself, it’s probably the prettiest set of spreadsheets I’ve ever seen. The pop-up/hover comments are super helpful.

    What I really loved, though, is the accompanying video tutorial. The content is awesome, and Kristi is just plain good at explaining things! I can’t wait to see what other goodies she has planned for The Spreadsheet Alchemist!

    Darryl Snyder – EdD doctoral candidate

    The content is awesome, and Kristi is just plain good at explaining things!
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