No-Fuss Instagram #Hashtag Manager


Strategic bundling of Instagram hashtags can make all the difference when it comes to getting your content seen. But, assembling the perfect combinations of hashtags can quickly turn into a helluva nightmare. No-Fuss #Hashtag Manager transforms a migraine-inducing process into a game of strategy.

No-Fuss #Hashtag Manager comes with both Google Sheets & Excel spreadsheets for:

  • Defining your Instagram categories, bundles, and hashtag volumes, and providing detailed instructions regarding the product’s strategy and use
  • Compiling a list of hashtags, which you will sort based on category and post volume, and which will enable you to strategically assign your hashtags to bundles
  • Organizing your bundles so that you can easily paste them into a notepad app and transfer them to Instagram
  • Scheduling your posts so that you reach as many Instagrammers as possible

The instructions are detailed enough to offer sufficient clarity on how to effectively use these spreadsheets. I have included demo content to add further clarity to the instructions. Please note that no refunds will be issued, so please be sure to review the product gallery images prior to purchase. Thank you!


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