Profit & Loss Tracker

NOTE: I am currently offering the Profit & Loss Tracker at a “Pay What You Can” price (seriously!). It normally retails for $29, but I don’t want anyone who needs it to not be able to afford it.

Profit & Loss Tracker makes it stupidly easy to track your biz income and expenses. UPDATE: THIS IS NOW COMPATIBLE WITH BOTH GOOGLE SHEETS & EXCEL. IT IS NOT KNOWN TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH ANY OTHER PROGRAMS LIKE NUMBERS OR OPEN OFFICE. Sorry for shouting!

If you want to test-drive the Profit & Loss Tracker before you buy, you can! Sign up for my newsletter here and get FREE access to the (nearly) exact same files. The FREE version is limited to 5 income and 5 expense categories, and 50 income and 50 expense transactions. If you are at all on the fence about purchasing this program, please test-drive the FREE version first to see if it will meet your needs. Anyway…

Included are Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets for:

  • Navigating through the workbook & entering your unique income and expense categories
  • Logging your income
  • Logging your expenses
  • Evaluating your income by category, month, quarter, and YTD
  • Evaluating your expenses by category, month, quarter, and YTD
  • Evaluating your income and expense summaries with pivot tables (optional)
  • Viewing your total income, total expenses, and net income in both a table and a chart
  • Summarizing succinctly the whole shebang in a profit & loss statement

In addition, you will receive a demo workbook that contains each of the above-mentioned spreadsheets that have been pre-populated with data for your reference.

As with all of my spreadsheets, Profit & Loss Tracker is elegantly styled and formatted for USD (although it’s super simple to change the currency to another).

Note that no refunds will be issued, so please be sure to review the product gallery images prior to purchase. All Excel spreadsheets included in the Profit & Loss Tracker are included in the gallery images. Google Sheets images are not included but look very similar.

Upon purchasing the Profit & Loss Tracker, you will receive a pdf with a link to four files (two Excel and two Google Sheets): two populated with demo data (shown in the gallery images) and two blank versions for you to use.

If you have suggestions for improvements, I’m open to them – just drop me a line. Thank you!



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