Spreadsheet Alchemy



Noun. The magical process of transforming spreadsheet chaos into gold.

Spreadsheet Alchemy is my signature service, where I take your jumbled mess of spreadsheets and transform them into something magical. I also offer custom spreadsheet design & consulting services.

Prices start at $200 and are dependent on the scope of your project. To determine whether Spreadsheet Alchemy is right for you, please drop me a line by clicking the ‘Submit inquiry’ button. Thanks!



As a fempreneur blogger, you have a bazillion things to manage.

You rely on spreadsheets to manage your biz’s finances, editorial content, and social media activities. And, let’s be honest – your spreadsheets are a freakin’ mess.

Are your spreadsheets:

  • Ugly little buggers that contrast sharply with your inner creative’s need for beauty?
  • A massive, chaotic mess of randomness?
  • Not as useful as you know they can (and should) be?
  • Poorly structured, requiring you to spend way too much time working in them?
  • A source of stress?

Can you relate? Thought so…

And, because you’re here, it’s probably safe to surmise that you just don’t have the:

  • Time to focus on fixing your spreadsheets because they are *sort of* working well enough, and your priority is on building your biz.
  • Knowledge to accomplish those things that would make your spreadsheets truly work for your you.
  • Energy to figure it all out.
  • Awareness of what’s even possible.

Now, imagine the delight you’d experience if you could wave a magic wand and have your spreadsheets miraculously transform into sparkling awesomeness before your very eyes. Let yourself dream this impossibility for a moment…

Now, imagine how you would feel if I were to tell you that your dream could actually manifest itself into your reality. Because, with a slight tweak it can.

Are you intrigued yet?

Unfortunately, my magic wand is currently in the magic wand repair shop. But, as a woman of many talents, I have another idea:


And behold, as I use my magic powers to transform your spreadsheet chaos into gold.

Oh, and I can use these same magic powers to either design some delightful spreadsheets from scratch for you or to serve as your spreadsheet consultant.

*For those of you who are seeking custom spreadsheets or spreadsheet consulting, please note that the inquiry process is the same, and that pricing is dependent on the nature and scope of your project.


Spreadsheet Alchemy is my signature method for transforming spreadsheet madness into spreadsheet awesomeness by employing the following :

  1. Reflection (on existing structure)
  2. Vision (of the ultimate manifestation)
  3. Recipe (for transformation)
  4. Alchemy (turning chaos into gold)

Spreadsheet Alchemy is designed to transform your (mostly) functional but chaotic or ugly spreadsheets into spreadsheets that sparkle. Clearly, this is subjective! In general, however, if you can answer ‘yes’ to ALL of the following, your jumble of spreadsheets is a likely candidate for transformation:

  1. Your spreadsheets already function as intended.
  2. Your spreadsheets do not contain macros.
  3. Your spreadsheets do not contain a bazillion nested functions.
  4. Your spreadsheets are either all Google Sheets OR all Excel files (e.g. they aren’t a combination of both).

These conditions are not absolute, although they do help to determine the complexity of a project. Please note that I am not the world’s top dog when it comes to spreadsheet awesomeness and I don’t know everything there is know. If your project requires knowledge that I do not already have, I will do my best to refer you to someone who is more equipped to handle it. If you are a spreadsheet goddess or god and would like to be considered for referral, please drop me a line! I need to build up my base.

Your Investment

While Spreadsheet Alchemy employs the same signature method to each and every client’s project, you deserve a unique-to-you price quote for your unique project. To learn whether I am in a position to take on your project and at what cost to you, please drop me a line by clicking the ‘Submit Inquiry’ button above. Thank you!