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Stop the Madness! (STM) is the exact system (with a few improvements) that I’ve been using since mid-2016 to effectively manage my personal finances – even during a period of unemployment, separation from my spouse, and other craziness. It’s a fabulous system for paycheck-to-pacheck budgeters because it allows you to know exactly how much money you have available in your bank account at any point in time to budget.


As awesome as STM is, you need to know that this is not a budgeting system per se. This is a I-have-$2,000-in-the-bank-and-want-to-partake-in-a-Sephora-binge-but-want-to-be-sure-that-I’ll-have-enough-money-to-pay-my-bills-next-month kind of system. It’s a how-much-of-my-paycheck-is-safe-to-spend thing. It’s a let-me-see-all-of-my-bills-and-income-in-one-place thing.

The beauty of STM is that it can be used with whatever budgeting method you choose* or by itself (I’ve recently started using STM, and I’ve found that these spreadsheets are literally the glue that make YNAB work for me).

*Note that these spreadsheets do not actually integrate with YNAB or any other program.

Included are Excel spreadsheets for:

  • Recording and managing your banking transactions (x3)
  • Entering your income (x1)
  • Entering your bills and irregular expenses (x1)
  • Providing you overview of how much spending money remains for budgeting (x1)
  • Demo spreadsheets (x5)

You may be wondering how these spreadsheets differ from a Simple Little Budget. While the latter does include many of the same basic elements (and includes budgeting spreadsheets), it is more simplistic and cannot estimate your bank account balances in the way that STM can. A Simple Little Budget is simply not designed for paycheck-to-paycheck budgeters.

As with all of my spreadsheets, Stop the Madness! is elegantly styled and pre-formatted for USD (although it’s super simple to change the currency to another). Also, I do offer customizations beginning at $100. More information about customization options is included in your purchase download. Please note that no refunds will be issued, so please be sure to review the product gallery images prior to purchase, and remember that you will only be receiving Excel files. Thank you!

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