You are a smart cookie.

You are developing a spreadsheet for your biz. Maybe you’ll sell or share it, or maybe you’ll give it to your VA to manage your expenses and Pinterest activities.

But, there is a disconnect between what you want your spreadsheet to do and what it actually does.

Or, you can’t quite figure out how to write the formula you need to set the fireworks off.

Maybe you just want the darn thing to look as gorgeous as your brand.

Regardless, you’d dig getting a bit of help to sort through your options and determine your next move.

You want to bounce your ideas off of a spreadsheet goddess.

Guess what? I can help.

I offer consulting services for Google Sheets & Excel users.

My areas of expertise include the following:

  • Styling attractive & intuitive spreadsheets
  • Crafting complex formulas to accomplish certain goals
  • Structuring data and tables based on function and need
  • Tracking trends using pivot tables
  • Including data validation (e.g. drop-down lists) and conditional formatting (e.g. color-changes dependent on values)
  • Automating processes using simple macros (Excel)
  • Protecting spreadsheets
  • And lots more!

My ideal client is somewhat proficient using either Google Sheets or Excel. She has a sense of what she wants and has either the knowledge or the financial resources to implement my suggestions. Her needs may be complex, or she may just want a second set of eyes to evaluate and critique her spreadsheet so that she can make it exceptionally wicked.

The entire consultation process is really quite simple:

  1. You fill out a form and attach your existing spreadsheet or mockup (if you have one).
  2. I respond with a “Yes, I can help you!” or “I’m sorry, I can’t help you” email and – if I can help you – a simple contract for you to sign.
  3. We arrange either a time to meet via your preferred platform or agree on an alternative arrangement (e.g. via email correspondence).
  4. Prior to our meeting, you remit payment on the invoice you will have received following your contract submission.
  5. During our meeting (which I’ll record for my own review purposes) we’ll discuss your needs in depth. Then, I’ll make recommendations and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions.
  6. Under most circumstances, within 48 hours, you will receive a write-up of my assessment and recommendations.

The takeaway is that you’ll receive an evaluation of your project with actionable information.