Spreadsheets & you - let's start a conversation.
This buffalo is in dire need of a makeover (or at least a bang trim). So is DLS, at least from a content perspective.

Hey there.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged or emailed my awesome subscribers. And, I’ve missed you.

The truth is that I’m not really sure what to blog about. You see, I have this big long list of blog post topics about how to accomplish certain biz/blogging objectives using spreadsheets, but – truth be told – most of them would be better written by a blogging expert because they involve strategies, and an expert with tried-and-true blogging strategies I am not.

This has led me to great amounts of introspection as of late. Do I post short video tutorials on how to do something specific such as formatting things or writing formulas? Maybe. But, in a vacuum I don’t sense that this would help many of you.

Why? Because we don’t seek to learn all of the tidbits of spreadsheet programs for shits and giggles. This would be a massively inefficient use of our time! Rather, we have an end goal in mind and learn what we need to learn to accomplish said goal. In other words, we learn as we go.

I had all of these grandiose ideas about teaching you how to create all sorts of great tools using spreadsheets to help you manage your blogs and biz. But, aside from not being a blogging strategist (see above), creating content has been challenging because it hadn’t occurred to me initially that:

  1. You need to have the foundations nailed down before we can dive into creating things;
  2. Your levels of spreadsheet expertise vary dramatically, making #1 difficult (although I do have a free ebook/guide for this very thing); AND
  3. Your needs are unique, even if at face value they sound the same.

That last point is important. For example, creating formulas that aren’t bloated with unnecessary information are often very specific to individuals. The more stuff you cram into your formulas to account for every possible scenario, the more likely they are to break. Not only that, but each element requires an understanding of certain complex spreadsheet actions in order for the formula to yield something meaningful. But, the answer isn’t to get more basic, either. Basic formulas and spreadsheets often don’t yield much valuable information or increase efficiency (which is usually the point), so why waste your time?

This is not to say that you have to become a spreadsheet goddess before creating and tweaking spreadsheets to make them useful for you, but it does pose challenges for me when it comes to providing content that you will both find useful and non-overwhelming.

So, how do I create content that is useful to you?

That’s the million dollar question.

Here are some ideas to get the conversation rolling:

  1. I create blog posts based around reader/subscriber questions when I receive them.
  2. I blog about how spreadsheets can help your blog or biz in more general terms.
  3. I blog about other random topics that I believe may be of interest to spreadsheet users but that don’t necessarily involve spreadsheets (e.g. like this popular post about my favorite organizational app).
  4. I spend my energies creating premium spreadsheets with tutorials on how to use them.
  5. I create a series of very short, topic-specific courses that are low-cost rather than a few behemoth courses that cover a lot of ground.
  6. I focus less on your biz and blogging needs, and more on teaching you basic spreadsheet skills.

Those are my thoughts as I write this post.

I’d really like to turn this into a conversation, though. I know that posts about spreadsheets rarely are exciting enough to stimulate discussion, but I’m hoping that this post will inspire at least a little.

What are your needs and/or thoughts on my ideas? What is your level of expertise? Why are you even reading this post or subscribing to this blog? What can I do to make it better? What questions do you have that I could answer in a blog post or course? Have you found value in any of the free or premium spreadsheets that you’ve downloaded so far?

I know that’s a lot of questions.

I would be most appreciative if you’d take a second to leave a comment below with your thoughts. And, definitely reply to other readers’ comments – let’s start a conversation!

Thanks so much for your feedback, my friends.