Manage your finances with this one-of-a-kind system.

You live paycheck-to-paycheck and your finances are a mess.

Or, maybe you’re doing “just fine” and your inner financial goddess is itching to take over.

Sound familiar?

What if you could...

…know EXACTLY how much money you’ll have in the bank on any given date?

…make better-informed spending decisions?

…eliminate the stress of paycheck-to-paycheck budgeting?

…know how much of your paycheck you can safely allocate towards your non-bills budget?

Well guess what? You can!

It's time to stop the madness!

Stop the Madness! (STM) is the exact system (with a few improvements) that I’ve been using since mid-2016 to effectively manage my personal finances – even during a period of unemployment, separation from my spouse, and other such craziness. It’s a fabulous system for paycheck-to-pacheck budgeters because it allows you to know exactly how much money you have/will have available in your bank account at any point in time to allocate for budgeting. Seriously, STM allows you to forecast a month or two (or more!) out so that you can see how that ancillary purchase today will affect your bottom line down the road.

As awesome as STM is, though, you need to know that this is not a budgeting system per se. This is an I-have-$2,000-in-the-bank-and-want-to-partake-in-a-Sephora-binge-but-want-to-be-sure-that-I’ll-have-enough-money-to-pay-my-bills-next-month kind of system. It’s a how-much-of-my-paycheck-is-safe-to-spend thing. It’s a let-me-see-all-of-my-bills-and-income-in-one-place thing.

The beauty of STM is that it can be used with whatever budgeting method you choose or by itself (I’ve recently started using YNAB, and I’ve found that these spreadsheets are literally the glue that make YNAB work for me).

Intrigued? Buy your STM workbook now!

Can’t afford $29 to get a handle on your finances? Try ditching the Starbucks habit for a week!

Here's what you'll get with STM:

  • A beautiful Excel workbook
  • 3 spreadsheets for recording and managing your banking transactions (with simple instructions on how to create additional banking spreadsheets)
  • 1 simple spreadsheet for entering your income
  • 1 simple spreadsheet for entering your bills and irregular expenses
  • 1 summary spreadsheet that provides you with an overview of your monthly bills, income, and net income - spending money! - that is available for you to budget
  • A second Excel workbook that is filled with demo that you can reference a functional example if you ever feel stuck
  • Documentation with screenshots that walks you through step-by-step how to use these spreadsheets

View the Spreadsheets

Praise for my other budgeting spreadsheets

Sofia testimonial

Kristi is such an ambitious and helpful person. These budgeting spreadsheets were much needed tools in my fitness blogging business -not only because I am not a huge fan of sheets, numbers and formulas – but because she did an excellent job to make it as simple and as beautiful as possible. As bloggers, we must definitely invest in our businesses, but it is so easy to lose sight of our expenses.

I don’t know about you, but most budgeting spreadsheets out there are just plain and boring, and they don’t encourage you to even open them! I expressed my thoughts on this to Kristi, and she got to work and created this amazing project of The Spreadsheet Alchemist to help people like you and me get their budgeting under control and change the way we look at Excel. This spreadsheet can be used in any project and is already set with all you need – including an instructional video – to get you up and running in only few minutes.”

Sofia Habity | Coach Sofia Fitness

Get Stop the Madness!

Seriously, it’s only $29. That’s like only a week’s worth of pumpkin spice lattés. 

Hi! I'm Kristi.

I’m an economist by education  (read: math and stats geek) and a spreadsheet alchemist by passion. Okay, so maybe that last part is a slight exaggeration. But the fact is that I love creating spreadsheets to solve a myriad of problems, and I have a flair for the aesthetic. If you’ve spent any time on my site, you have undoubtedly determined that there is nothing that grates on me more than an ugly spreadsheet! 

When I’m not designing spreadsheets, you can find me meditating, designing websites, combing the beach for sea glass, and working my 9-5. 💗

STM is for you if...

  • You are ready to do whatever it takes to end financial overwhelm.
  • You suck at math.
  • You are willing to track your finances CLOSELY.
  • Well-designed, simple spreadsheets don't scare the bejeezus out of you.
  • You have access to Excel.

STM is not for you if...

  • You can't deal with the thought of reconciling your banking transactions.
  • You can't deal with spreadsheets at all (why are you even visiting a spreadsheet blog?!).
  • You expect this to automatically integrate with your bank account or other budgeting system.
  • $29 is too much for you to invest in your financial future.

Are you ready to rock your finances yet?

Just buy the damn thing already.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this available in Google Sheets?

Unfortunately, no. I have done everything in my power to get this to work with Google Sheets, but there is something about STM’s formulas that causes Google Sheets to crash. I tried…I really did. Please do not buy this thinking that you can make it work with Google Sheets. You will be extremely disappointed!

I previously bought A Simple Little Budget. How is this different?

The two workbooks have some crossover, but A Simple Little Budget is not designed specifically for the paycheck-to-paycheck budgeter. It’s calculations are not as robust, and its focus is on creating a (monthly) budget.

How long will it take to set it up?
This depends greatly on you. If you are used to tracking your bank account balances with any sort of app, it’s not going to be a big deal. If you’ve been an ostrich with her beautiful head in the sand, however, it’s going to take you longer. Also, your comfort level with spreadsheets will affect the duration of the setup process. 

What is your refund policy?
Given the nature of digital products, there are no refunds. Please make sure that you review all images in the slideshow above before checkout so that you can make an informed purchase.


Can I pay you to set this up for me?

Probably not. It’s not going to teach you how to use it – and isn’t that the point?! – and my hourly rate is likely going to be too prohibitive to make it worth your while. 

Can you customize it to suit my unique needs?
Absolutely, but please touch base with me BEFORE you purchase STM to ensure that I can handle your request in a cost-effective manor. The best way to do this is to submit an inquiry for my Spreadsheet Alchemy services.

Is this a standalone budgeting system or can it be used with other systems?
STM is not really designed to be a standalone budgeting system as there is no how-to-create-a-budget component to it. For the record, I have been using it with YNAB, which has worked for me so far. It will work with any budgeting system because its sole purpose is to keep you informed as to exactly how much money you have in the bank at any given time. I have not yet come across a single budgeting system that does this well, and to me it’s the most critical issue that paycheck-to-paycheck budgeters face.

More praise for my other budgeting spreadsheets

Lucia testimonial

“The Biz & Blog Budgeting Manager is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool to handle your budget like a pro! Not only can you keep track of all your sources of income and expenses, but you can also see how your finances are evolving throughout the year. It will help you manage your funds wisely – and trust me, that’s something I really needed help with! You will be able to increase your revenue if you pay attention to those sources of income that bring in the most money and you optimize them. Investing in your business is a must, but you can avoid going over your budget by keeping track of what you spend with the Biz & Blog Budgeting Manager!

Lucia Garcia Alvarez | Painting Dreamscapes

Seriously, this is going to be the best $29 you’ll ever invest in yourself.