Taking care of myself with...spreadsheets!

This morning, I met a friend for tea.

I love Laurie because she appreciates both practicality and dreamer’s ambition, and she is able to find that place of middle ground – a place that so often alludes me.

She listened without interruption as I puked out a bazillion of my ideas of how I could help bring more compassion to the world – some of which I’ve either shared or will be sharing on my personal blog Kristi Amdahl and soon-to-be-launched new website The Awakened Heart Project – and gave me this simple piece of advice:

Remember to take care of yourself.


She saw that I was giving from a river that would eventually run dry if I continued to dam the lake.

I am, effectively, blocking my own chances of success in areas that are most important to me.

You may be wondering what in the world this has to do with spreadsheets, and I’m here to tell you not a damn thing.

Sort of.

For me, the connection is that I’ve created two seriously awesome spreadsheets a while back that I use and rely on daily.

As you probably know, I sell several premium spreadsheets on this site – none of which I’ve been using myself as of late – and yet I haven’t included the two that are by far the most valuable to me in my shop.


I think part of it is ego. These two workbooks have literally been game-changers for me, and I’m afraid that you’ll think that they suck or are too complicated or whatever.

Not to sound stupid, but my spreadsheets are like my art. And, as an artist, you put your stuff out there, and if you don’t have thick skin you’ll never to make it.

The problem is that I don’t really know how thick my skin is; I fear that it’s fragile.

And so, I’ve kept these babies to myself.

Three weeks ago, though, I took a risk and added the first of these two spreadsheets to my shop.

Last night, I added the second.

The first thing I did today after I returned from my tea date with Laurie was to create a Facebook ad for the second spreadsheet. (Profit & Loss Tracker). [Note that I’m offering an introductory discount of 20% off now through September 30, 2017 at midnight – coupon code: 20profitloss.]

Yep, I’m testing the thickness of my skin a bit, but I’m also taking care of myself. By offering my spreadsheets for sale, I may just increase my income enough to make the endeavors that matter most to me a tangible reality.

And THAT is taking care of myself.