Kristi Amdahl and The Spreadsheet Alchemist place a high value on retaining your trust, and we respect your privacy greatly. The following is what you can expect when it comes to your privacy on this site. Your continued use of any and all of the features associated with is your inherent consent to the following terms:

1. Email Addresses and Personally Identifiable Information

Any information you provide via an opt-in or contact form may [but won’t necessarily] be retained, and this information will never be sold to any third parties without your explicit consent. Should you purchase or opt-in to receive anything from The Spreadsheet Alchemist [such as a course, product, service, or free guide], you are consenting to receive future communications from us regarding things we may believe to be of interest to you. You may opt-out of receiving these communications at any time. In the event that it becomes necessary for us to communicate important information with you regarding a course, service, product, or guide you have obtained from this site, we reserve the right to contact you even if you have unsubscribed from receiving communications from The Spreadsheet Alchemist.

2. Third Parties

The Spreadsheet Alchemist frequently links to third party content not governed by this privacy policy.

3. Cookies, Mysterious Internet Stuff, Logs, Etc.

I’m a blogger and not a techie. I believe that the following sufficiently covers everything that you ought to know:

  1. Please assume that the entirety of your activities on The Spreadsheet Alchemist are tracked with cookies.
  2. Like most websites, The Spreadsheet Alchemist is dependent on other entities to function. The safest course of action is to assume that all such entities may handle user data, including but not limited to payment information.
  3. The Spreadsheet Alchemist uses analytical tools – primarily Google Analytics – to learn more about its visitors’ preferences.

The bottom line? We won’t sell your information, we’ll contact you only if you sign up for our newsletter or buy a product, we make it easy for you to opt-out of receiving future communications from us, and we analyze high-level non-personally-identifying data about website activity.

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