Get a stunning website at a fraction of the cost of a custom site…and in record time!

You need a website and don’t have a clue where to begin.

You don’t have the patience or time to figure out WordPress or Squarespace, and you don’t have a bazillion dollars earmarked for a custom website. 

Sound familiar?

What if you could...

…snag a semi-custom, sexy as hell website on the cheap?

…have your site up and running in only a few short weeks?

…get the details handled for you. You know, like setting up email opt-in forms, etc.?

Well guess what? You can!

I design websites and bring them to life using WordPress or Squarespace templates. You get the look you crave without having to pay a developer to code your site from scratch.

And, if you need help setting up a MailChimp account, integrating your site with other services, or setting up a shop, know that I am happy to handle all aspects of getting your site up and running.

Here's what you'll get

  • An evaluation of your options based on your unique needs
  • A mockup of your site for you to review and suggest changes
  • A WordPress or Squarespace website that looks like your mockup
  • Hosting and domain guidance & setup
  • A live website!!!
  • A shop that's fully functional or linked to Etsy or Gumroad (optional)
  • Email marketing setup with MailChimp or ConvertKit (optional)
  • Social media and Pinterest accounts set up for you (optional)
  • Regular site maintenance (optional)
  • Record-time design & setup, & crystal-clear communication about your project
Gina testimonial

“Once I saw Kristi’s food blog, Figs & Chèvre, I knew that I had to have her design my site, Pellini Designs. As an interior designer, I’m drawn to the details, and let me tell you that this girl leaves no detail unexplored! Kristi created EXACTLY what I was after, and she did so in record time. As for the result, I’ve gained several new clients since we launched my site this summer. That’s a great return on my investment if you ask me! If you want a gorgeous, clean site, do yourself a favor and drop Kristi a line.”

Gina Pellini | Pellini Designs

Let's get started!

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Hi! I'm Kristi.

I discovered a love for web design during the process of creating my own websites. But it didn’t start out that way.

I remember the frustration of trying to figure out the WordPress platform. Plugins, integrations, API keys, caching…it was all Greek to me! But, I figured it out and created a site (yoga blog) that I was proud of.

Of course, being a creative meant that I was quickly bored and sought out a new look. So, I re-designed the site. And then I re-designed it again. Then, my (almost ex) husband’s site needed a revamp, so I did his. And then I re-designed it again.

Web design got to be fun. I started learning a bit of css and html – just enough to accomplish the goal du jour.

I decided to switch gears from my yoga blogging and began blogging about authenticity. This time, I tried out the Squarespace platform. And then I got an itch to start a food blog (Figs & Chèvre), which I created on Squarespace and promptly transferred over to WordPress. Of course, I re-designed that site once I found the PERFECT theme…

Entrepreneurial friends took note, and I quickly found myself freelancing on the side. Pellini Designs and Cortez Cross Fitness are two such projects.

But the neurosis doesn’t end here.

I decided that learning how to code was a worthy endeavor, and I invested in a couple of WordPress coding courses. While I didn’t learn how to be a seriously wicked coder, I did learn how to accomplish many things that had alluded me for eons.

It was around this time that I decided to create Darling Little Spreadsheets, The Spreadsheet Alchemist’s predecessor, in mid-2016. By January 2017, I had overhauled the site FOUR FREAKIN’ TIMES. I loved each and every iteration.

Since then, I’ve added another site to my repertoire – Kristi Amdahl – my personal blog. And, I’m designing another (to be announced!) as I type this sales page.

Look, I’m sharing all of this with you because I don’t want to misrepresent myself. I am not a master web designer – I am simply a gal who has an eye for the aesthetic and a bit of magical prowess – and I use a bit of alchemy to create gorgeous sites.

This is for you if...

  • You need a simple website...and fast!
  • You need someone who can minimize the overwhelm of launching a site.
  • Your web design budget exists but is limited.
  • You haven't a clue about anything other than that you know you need a website.
  • You are happy to have either a WordPress or Squarespace site.

This is not for you if...

  • You want something extremely complex.
  • You want to work in a platform other than WordPress or Squarespace.
  • You aren't responsive to (timely) email correspondence.
  • You have all the time in the world, as I only take 1-2 projects on at a time. Mind clutter is NOT my forté!

Is website alchemy for you?

You’ll never know if you don’t submit your inquiry!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?
It is impossible to estimate the cost of your unique project without knowing what your needs actually are. That being said, most websites run between $600 – $1,000. 

I’ve submitted my inquiry/questionnaire. Now what?
I will respond to your submission within 48 hours, often much sooner. We will engage in enough dialogue for me to fully grasp your project’s needs, whether we’d work well together, and how much your project will cost. This typically happens via email or Facebook Messenger. If we seem to be a good fit, I’ll send you a contract. Once you sign it, you will be billed for half the cost, which is due upfront. After receiving payment, I’ll begin work on your site.

How long will my site take to create?
This depends greatly on you. Do you know what you want and can you articulate it well? Are you very responsive to emails/Facebook Messenger? I will work on your website primarily during evenings and  on weekends.

Note that I work very efficiently. The things that typically slow down the process come from the client end and are non-payment, unresponsiveness to correspondence, and lack of vision.

What is your refund policy?
Given the nature of web design, there are no refunds. Your contract will spell out the terms for cancellations.

I already have a website – I’m just not happy with it. Can you help?

How are third-party services & expenses handled?
You are responsible for all third-party services and expenses, which may include website hosting, the purchase of a domain, premium plugins, fonts, graphic elements, Google apps, etc. (this is not an all-inclusive list). 

I will advise you when it is necessary for you to secure a service, make a purchase, etc. (in most cases, this will be spelled out in your contract). Upon securing the service, you will provide me with the login details, files, etc. that are necessary for me to complete your project.

Do you offer maintenance packages?
Absolutely! Part of the process will be to determine what your maintenance needs are and whether you would like me to handle said maintenance.

What if you can’t create what I’m after?
I won’t take on your project if I don’t believe that I can create what you’re after. The terms of cancellation are included in your contract, so please review them carefully.

A little birdie told me that you’d be willing to accept vino as payment. True?
While at one point in time I may have been known to have swapped web design for wine, I no longer do so. I need to drink less wine and start saving for retirement. 🍷

Cortez testimonial

“I started my own [personal strength training] business many years ago, Business started out fantastic therefore I made no initial push to develop a website. I understood the importance of marketing; however I had no clue on where web design began.

As I got a grasp of working for myself as a strength coach, I began to understand the difficulty of remaining busy in the gym, while needing to market to my target audience.

After chatting with several people who understood web design and technology… I had At least 5 meetings and one half ass project… Frustrated to say the least. A good friend/ex coworker Troy Smith suggested I prioritize marketing myself better. So of course my initial reaction is yeah yeah yeah I know Sir.

At this point I just wanted something done. Troy then introduced me to his wife Kristi. I had no clue on how much my business would propel from this! We set up a meeting and I can tell you I left this meeting feeling empowered and motivated! I can tell you something else. It had nothing to do with the information provided. Truth is I didn’t retain a damn thing she said. Anyone can BS and make you feel stupid with their technical Jargon. What this meeting did for me was not only ensure me I had someone knowledgeable, but someone trustworthy, thorough and concise. I knew leaving that initial meeting I had a professional who took this personal. As any professional should, that day started the follow ups. I mean Kristi was so all over it. I couldn’t keep up with the responding to her request. When I finally would return her email, she would have had already took the initiative of detailing out several options I could choose from.

These are the intangibles that come with Kristi. After meeting me she understood…. THIS GUY NEEDS MORE THAN A WEBSITE. BUT WE’LL START WITH GIVIN HIM DIRECTION.

Since the website creation I have increased my group class attendance by 60%. More importantly the direction we choose has allowed me to reach an extended audience. She has helped me to create quite the buzz!

Thanks Kristi! You’re the best!”

Cortez Cross | Cortez Cross Fitness

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